Tips for Responsible Travel

Travel is more than fun. We travel to learn, to explore and to rejuvenate our and other lives. Travel gives us an opportunity to meet new people, cultures, and environment and thus impacts us now or later. Our selection of places to travel reflects our choices towards life. My travel experiences have changed my perception towards life. I travel because I love to travel, love to meet new people, learn new things and tell others about my learnings. Here I am going to share few of my learnings which have evolved me as person and changed my reflection towards travel.

Be a responsible traveler. You should know who all are getting affecting by this journey of yours. What are you taking from different facets of your journey and what are you giving back.

First and Foremost, Acquaint Yourself:

Before starting your trip read about culture, sub culture, traditions, and rules about the places you are going to visit. You don’t need to learn everything, but you surely need to know something more than nothing.

Learn some local words:

Learn some local words and don’t be afraid to use them even if your accent is horrible. This will act as ice breaker and locals will surely appreciate you, for your special effort of learning their language.

Know local customs:

Take some time out to research about how people at your destination get dressed up, what do they eat, how they live, etc. What may be cool at your hometown may turn out to be inappropriate at the place you are visiting. SO you should do your homework.

Support Local artisans:

It will be great if you buy souvenirs/handicrafts straight from the artisans/craft maker rather than from shops/traders/middlemen. This will go a long way in sustaining these local arts and crafts.

Take permission for photographs:

Ask people before taking a photo or making a video of them. If they say no respect their choice. For people who agree to be clicked, you can go extra mile if you share their photos with them.

Minimize Waste:

Use your own shopping bags and say no to plastic bags. Avoid using packaged water and always keep a bottle along with you which you can refill. Also do not throw your waste anywhere, use dustbins.

Do not promote begging:

Do not give money to people who are begging for it. Giving money to beggars will not solve any problem rather it creates begging economy.

Reduce your carbon footprint:

Wherever possible take public transport. Minimize your use of Ac’s and other energy consumption devices.

Care for Wildlife:

Seek prior permissions before indulging in any wildlife activities. Do not promote non registered organizations when seeking wildlife activities. They are only interested in making money and are least bothered about your safety and harm to wild life.


And last but not the least is keep smiling whatever the situation may be. Smile on your face will win you many new friends in an unknown place.

Keep Travelling responsibly…

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