Changla Pass-The Third Highest Motorable Road in the World

Ever wondered where the world’s 3rd highest motorable road is? Yes, it is in India and is known as Changla Pass. Surprised to know that we as Indian’s are blessed with two highest motorable roads of a world that are Khardung La and Taglang La.

Why it’s known as Changla Pass?

Chang La Pass, the third most elevated height mountain go on the planet, is accepted to have been named after a celebrated sadhu named Sadhu Changla Baba.

There is still a temple there by his name. Chang La, the name literally means “Pass towards the South” or “Pass in the South”. At an elevation of 5,360m (17,590ft), Changa La is one of the highest mountain passes in Ladakh India.

Location of Chang La Pass

Chang La is approached from Leh via Kharu and Sekti village by an asphalt road. The climb is very steep and requires a careful drive. The stretch of 10-15 km road on either side from Chang la is loose dirt and slush.  

During the summer months specifically the tourist season, small streams appear across the road, making the climb a challenge for the bikers. The descent from Chang La towards Tangtse or Darbuk is again very steep. Riding through Khardung La is anytime adventurous but if you really want to have a breathtaking thriller ride, this is the most challenging route for you. What makes it so challenging is the major off-roading parts and fewer tar roads at high altitude. 

[Climbing the Chang La Pass]

The small town of Tangste is the nearest settlement. This Pass is the main gateway for the Changthang Plateau situated in the Himalayas. The nomadic tribes of the region are collectively known as the Changpa or Chang-pa.

Nearby Attractions

The world’s highest research station, established by the Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) is functional in Chang La at a height of 17,664 ft.

Some of the places to see around are the Pangong lake, Nubra Valley, Tso Moriri lake and Hermis Gompa. Though the Pass has extreme cold and chilly winds that can blow you away, the breathtaking views from this region leave any visitor speechless and will be a memorable adventure trip. 

Permit for Chang La Pass 

Chang La Pass is situated while in transit to Pangong Lake. An ILP, or an internal line permit, is along these lines required to visit it as it lies in the limited region. You can apply for the ILP on the web. All you require is a personality evidence like your Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Driving License.

Precautions to consider while visiting

There are certain precautions necessary while visiting this place due the cold and chill climate and less of oxygen due to the altitude. As per the medics, it is advisable to not stay at the top for more than 20-25 mins.

[Frozen Lake on route Chang La Pass]

Fully warm clothing with ears covered and appropriate footwear is a must and it is best to have warm water frequently to bear the extremely cold climate. It is best to carry a medical kit containing medicines for altitude sickness, headaches, nausea etc. as a precautionary measure.

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