Villages of Spiti Valley (From the diary of a traveler)

Spiti valley is home to remotest, highest and few of most beautiful villages like Komik, Kibber, Langza and  Hikkim settled in the lap of Trans Himalayas. Here you will find few of the least densely populated villages and the soul of spiti resides in its villages. And once you plan to visit Spiti Valley you have to see these remote villages and stay at some of the homestays out there to experience the warmness and humbleness of Spiti people.

Komik or Komic Village:

The highest village in Asia, Komik(Also spelt as Komic), which literally translates to ‘eye of a snow cock’, is situated at a height of 4513 metres. This farming village has a population of 84 people, living in utter isolation, cut-off from the rest of the world for most parts of the year. This little hamlet ensures to bring you thousands of miles away from your familiar settings to a place of soft brown pastures and snow-white mountain peaks.


Hikkim Village:

Hikkim nestled between Langza and Komic is famous for being a place where highest post office in the world is situated. Make sure you send a postcard to your loved ones from world’s highest post office.


Langza Village:

Langzais situated at an altitude of 4400 meters and is second highest motorable village after Komic. It will not be wrong to call Langza a village of fossils as you can find fossils of marine creatures and plants everywhere in and around Langza. A huge statue of Buddha overlooking the valley is seen miles away from Langza.



Kibber is one of the biggest remote villages in Kaza. It has around 80 houses. Kibberis also a popular base camp to embark on adventure and treks to adjoining mountains of high altitude. The expanses of beautiful landscapes and immeasurable beauty of the snow-tipped mountains make the place a haven for nature-lovers and photographers alike. Kibber is also home to Kibber wildlife sanctuary.


Chicham Village:

Chichamis a very remote and small village in the Spiti valley. It is so remote that in order to get to the village you have to take a ropeway over a 100 m deep gorge. Kibber – Chicham Ropeway is one amazing example of the will power of people of Spiti.


Mud Village:

Mud is the last motorable village of the Pin Valley. Mud village also acts as the base for trekking route towards or from Pin-Parvati Pass or Bhabha Valley. The views in the entire Pin Valley including Mud village were just majestic, and the valley is mostly virgin, serene, barren and beautiful. Pin valley is the base for Pin Valley National Park, which is the natural habitat of the Snow Leopard and Himalayan Ibex.


Lhalung Village:

Lhalung is another beautiful high altitude village in Spiti Valley. The word Lhalung means ‘land of god’ and the village of Lhalung is located at the foot of the Tangmar Mountains, as per local belief the mountain changes its colour depending on the mood of the deities. Red denotes anger while yellow signifies happiness. Apart from being home to hospitable local families, the village of Lhalung is also home to one of the oldest gompas in Spiti valley. The Lhalung Monastery – also known as Sarkhang and Golden Temple.


Demul Village:

Demul Village is located at an altitude of 4320 meters, approachable through road via Komic and Lidang. Demul is a small village with around 35-40 houses, a small schoolHospitality in this village is controlled. You cannot choose a homestay. The village coordinator allots them turn by turn so that every homestay gets a chance to host the travellers. The weirdest one was that you could not stay in one house for more than a night. You have to keep shifting every day during the period of your stay.


Gette Village:

Gette is another small village in Spiti valley. It has 2-3 homes and you have to leave your vehicle on the dirt road and need to trek around a KM to reach the village.


Tashigang Village:

Tashigang, a beautiful village located at an altitude of 4650 m, has just four homes. There is a small lake near the fields of Tashigang. Tashigangis also known as the village in clouds.


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