Lord Dattatreya at Girnar

Lord Dattatreya or Guru Dattatreya is considered as Adi Guru in Hinduism. He is the son of Atri rishi & mother Anusaya. His father Atri rishi was born of Lord Brahma. Lord Dattatreya performed penance at the top of the Girnar hill. Girnar is one of the most ancient datta kshetras in India. It is situated in Junagadh City of Saurashtra region of Gujarat state in India. Girnar Hill is a famous Sidha kshetra of Lord Dattatreya.  The very appearance of the mountain symbolizes that a guru is always on top of the world.  Dattatreya has performed a very severe tap here at this place for twenty-four years. Lord Shiva was very happy due to this tap and gave his blessings that the Girnar Mountain would become famous as the land of Rishis and gods. The environment of this temple is simply out of the world and the tourists get hypnotized due to the spiritual energy flowing in this area.

Shri Dattatreya is portrayed in different ways in different traditions among the Hindus. However, the most commonly portrayed image as having six hands; the lowest two hands holding a Mala (garland) and a Kamandalu (water pot). The middle two hands are shown holding the sacred Shankha (Conch) and Chakra (Discus). Occasionally, portraits also show him holding the Gada (Mace). He is also shown as accompanied by 4 dogs and a cow. Dattatreya is shown having 3 heads and a form that resonates peace and serenity. In the present Kali Yuga, it is only through pure, divine love, that one can go beyond just being poised and attain that type of calmness and serenity. Only those extremely religious and righteous can follow the fourfold path of Yoga and go ahead to discover the Absolute Truth. Guru Datta radiates that very love and compassion, thereby emanating peace and love from his person.

The 3 heads of Shri Guru Datta are said to embody his identity as the Devas of the Trinity, namely, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. He is also the one who has transcended the 3 qualities or the Triguna and is one with the Sublime Energy of the Absolute Guru. This is why he is also regarded as the Teacher or the Divine Guru. Dattatreya is most often shown as having 6 hands, each holding the Shankha, the Chakra, the Gada, the Trishul (Trident), the Kamandalu (water pot), and the Begging Bowl. 

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