Magnetic Hill in Ladakh (Myth or Truth)

Ladakh is the land of breathtaking beauty and of folk fare, mystical stories and places. One such mysterious place is known as Magnetic Hill. This place has been in folk fare for ages and still does. There are numerous stories about the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh. It is a small stretch of road on Srinagar-Leh highway around 30 Kms from the Leh city and has become a major tourist attraction in Leh.

So what exactly happens at Magnetic Hill

It is a place which defies gravity and if you place your vehicle at a particular marked spot and switch off the engine, the vehicle will start moving in the uphill direction at speed of 10-20 KMH. The local administration has put up a billboard near the “Magnetic Hill” for tourists to experience the phenomenon for themselves.

Theories around Magnetic Hill

There are several theories which try to explain the magnetic phenomenon of the Magnetic Hill. Some of those are:

A road to Heaven Theory

This is more of a local folk fare than theory and local believe that at this very spot there existed a road which led to heaven. And those who were worthy of going to heaven were pulled to the spot and others were not pulled.

Magnetic Field Theory

This is the most widely accepted theory. And according to this theory, there is very strong magnetic field around these hills and it is because of this magnetic field the vehicles are pulled in direction of the hill even though it is uphill. And it also goes on to say that the magnetic field is so strong here that even the planes and helicopters flying over this zone feel the jerk.

Optical illusion Theory

This theory is in complete opposite of the magnetic field theory. As per this theory, the hill doesn’t have any magnetic properties but explains this phenomenon as an outcome of optical illusion. It says that the location of hills makes the downhill appears as uphill. And due to this illusion when actually vehicle is going downhill we fell that it is going uphill defying any logic.

Places near Magnetic Hill

After witnessing the gravity-defying phenomenon of the Magnetic hill you may also check nearby attractions. These are:

  • The confluence of Indus and Zanskar
  • Gurudwara Pathar Sahib
  • Alchi Monastery
  • Likir Monastery
  • Spituk Monastery
  • Nimmu village.

It still remains a mystery which theory is correct for Magnetic Hill. But on your visit to Ladakh do visit this place and find out for yourself which theory you think is true.!1m46!1m12!1m3!1d105648.55363618495!2d77.3960311892161!3d34.15868950947539!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m31!3e0!4m5!1s0x38fdeb21445fed85%3A0xd1bb09975086f710!2sLeh!3m2!1d34.1525864!2d77.57705349999999!4m5!1s0x38fd94a04f8a8fb1%3A0x73d7de56fa49d1a1!2sHall+of+Fame%2C+Leh!3m2!1d34.1391741!2d77.5410639!4m5!1s0x38fd937abdd6396d%3A0xe076409fb36e3d2b!2sSpituk+Gompa%2C+Leh!3m2!1d34.1254451!2d77.52656089999999!4m5!1s0x38fd981dd2bd1f0f%3A0x82912e2f8632cb2d!2sGurudwara+Pathar+Sahib%2C+NH+1D%2C+Phey!3m2!1d34.1919737!2d77.3756324!4m5!1s0x38fd9838a0409b27%3A0x93a1a42e751c8c2e!2sMagnetic+Hill!3m2!1d34.1763828!2d77.35505409999999!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sin!4v1531940069938

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