Amazing Places to Visit in Bhuj (With Photos)- 2018

Are you a wanderer? Do you like to trace historical paths and look back in History? Well, its time for you to boast about places in India! While I was thinking about Ran of Kutch festival, I discovered many tourist places to visit in Bhuj.

Bhuj is known for its century-old buildings, especially the Mahal’s which reminds us of the royal era. You just can’t take your eyes off those extravagant chandeliers, mirrors, and semi-precious stones.  Begin with Aina Mahal as you will be enthralled by the Kaleidoscope of lights and the drop of traditional architecture. So don’t miss to visit this age-old palace built in marble walls adorned with gold lace and glass.

The Prag Mahal located next to Aina Mahal is known for its Italian Gothic architecture. Can you imagine, as they say, the artisans involved in construction were paid in gold coins? The Mahal is named after Rao Pragmalji. When you enter the Durbar hall you can’t miss on the fact that how huge the hall is. Your eyes get stuck on those classical statues. The tower of this Mahal is 45-foot-high from where you get to see the entire Bhuj city. So there is no reason you should miss visiting Prag Mahal an architecture blend of Indian and Italian art.

You can also visit Kutch Museum which is the oldest museum of Gujrat. You will get to see a variety of anti-craft and coins of the old era. 

If you have ever visited the Swami Narayan temple of Delhi (Akshardham), then don’t miss this one as its equally epic built in Marble, a replica of the old temple which was destroyed in 2001 in an earthquake. It’s astonishing as the temple doors, dome and the throne of Swaminarayan idol is made of gold which is intricately carved.  It is built in a spread of 5 acres land at a cost of One billion Indian Rupees. These structures are evidence of the splendid artistic skills of Indian architecture.

Kutch is known for its art and craft. Hiralaxmi Memorial craft park is focused on preserving such art and same is displayed to masses. So do visit and get a glimpse of the various form of art and craft displayed in an exhibition. Children can also enjoy electronic rides in the park and rest and eat in a cafeteria. Not just this but it also has a beautiful lotus pond and a Radha Krishna temple. A perfect family hang out place.

Sharad Baug Palace the former king’s palace turned into a Museum and is surrounded by picturesque gardens. So wear your historical hat and discover the remnants of olden glory well-kept in this museum.

Other places that one should visit while in Bhuj is the Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary, Mata no madh temple, Chattedi of Bhuj and Hamirsar lake.

Now how can you miss shopping, being in the land famed for its exquisite anti-craft! Visit the Bhuj shopping market to buy souvenirs, old age bells, silver jewellery and handicrafts.

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