Girnar Ropeway – Ashtha ka Setu – How it has influenced the Life of the People!

The inauguration of the much awaited Girnar Ropeway, which took place on the 24th of October this year, was one of the major happenings around, not only for Gujarat but the whole India. This ropeway has already drawn the attention of innumerable travel enthusiasts and pilgrims.

The Girnar Ropeway is preordained to ease the journey of visitors, particularly the pilgrims, as they can conveniently visit their holy deities on the Mount Girnar. It is evident that Mount Girnar is a well-known place of pilgrimage as numerous holy temples like the Dattatreya shrine, Amba temple, along with many Jain temples, situation in and around it.

In addition to his religious contribution, Girnar Ropeway is also a fine example of architectural excellence. It has been built in an extremely inaccessible and odd zone. It had presented lot of unforeseen challenges for the architects and the engineers, but they made the dream of our Prime Minister come true with their relentless hard work and engineering brilliance.

However, many more benefits have added up as the Girnar Ropeway is now operational.

Before and after:

The scenario before the construction of ropeways was like this. The mammoth size of Mount Girnar was the biggest barrier. It was never easy to climb and one could easily feel this looking at its altitude. So earlier:

  • It took around eight hours for the people just to climb the mountain.
  • Climbing the 9999 steps to the top of the mountain was a hectic affair. Also, could not enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings.
  • Most senior citizens could not participate in the pilgrimage on Mount Girnar as climbing itself was tough.

Now, after the construction of Girnar Ropeway:      

  • People won’t have to climb the 5500 steps to mountain; they can sit in the ropeway and cover the distance.
  • It has become just a matter of seven to eight minutes to cover the journey.
  • They can watch the beautiful natural surroundings, comfortably sitting in the ropeway.
  • Senior citizens too can enjoy the ride and don’t have to miss the pilgrimage.

Other benefits of Girnar Ropeway:

After the completion of the construction of Girnar Ropeway, doors for many new prospects have opened. Its operation offers huge opportunities not only from the tourism point of view but also business.

  • Many domestic travellers will come to Gujarat to see Girnar and pay pilgrimage to the holy places here.
  • International travellers too will be attracted to witness the magnificence of this mountain. Adventure lovers will particularly love travelling through the ropeway. This will initiate the influx of FOREX in the country.
  • As the demand for lodging and boarding increases, it will foster opening of new hotels and restaurants.
  • Small vendors, traders, local travel agencies and taxi operators will also benefit.


The beginning of Girnar Ropeway holds multidimensional benefits. The height of Mount Girnar and the challenging travel here is not a barrier any more for the people. Getting here and visiting the places of pilgrimage is as simple and convenient for the senior citizens as for the young travellers. Not only has it become a new centre of attraction, but also the new centre of opportunities for the business and trade.

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