Girnar Ropeway, an Engineering Marvel on the Humongous Mount Girnar

What makes any engineering or construction project successful? Well, it is a combination of several things- Flawless design, perfect planning, keen execution, and expertise. The much-awaited Girnar Ropeway project that was launched in October last year is one of the examples of technical and engineering excellence.

The geographical location and immense height threw challenges in front of the project team. However, with their determination and dedication, team Udan Khatola made it possible.

It was an unmatched example of coordination between planners, engineers, and the execution team. And of course, the construction engineers and workers did not leave a stone unturned to complete it before the declared timeline.

This ropeway is amongst the longest ropeways in our country, and all Indians are proud of that!

What is so special about Girnar Ropeway?

As mentioned earlier, it was quite difficult to construct a ropeway there due to the enormous height and spread of Mount Girnar. The project team had to work in diverse conditions, and it had to combat various tough situations while completing the engineering work.

It gives unprecedented satisfaction when a project comes to the stage of launch after crossing innumerable obstacles.

When thousands of devotees of Hindu and Jain religions heard about the inauguration of Girnar Ropeway, they were glad. The great height of Mount Girnar and around 10000 steps to climb on the top were the two biggest hurdles in front of pilgrims. Especially, elderly people or people with health-related problems did not have any chance of getting the ‘darshan’ of their respected deities.

Thanks to the Girnar Ropeway project, now everyone can go up to the top and enjoy the trip. The picturesque sceneries and mesmerizing views are accessible for all.

What were the challenges? First of all, the height of Mount Girnar.  This 1000+ meters high mountain has difficult terrains. Also, the basic infrastructure like roads or terminals were non-existing. Hence, the engineering team had to build the necessities first. Once the heavy construction material and equipment shifted, construction became easier.

This ropeway project was the first one where helicopters were used for the installation of ropeway components.

Udan Khatola, the planner and executor of Girnar Ropeway prepared an elaborated plan and executed it in a 100% error-free manner.

It is unique in several aspects

As mentioned, it is the first ropeway where helicopters were used in the construction process.

It is also one of the longest ropeways (around 2.3 kilometers long) with many towers at different heights. One of the towers is as high as a 22-storied building.

It was built in difficult terrains where seasonal barriers were holding up the work now and then. Thus, there was extra pressure on engineers and developers to finish the work before the due date.


The recent launch of ropeway at Mount Girnar is unique and special in various ways. The religious importance of Girnar is for Hindus and Jains, but many devotees could not go there because of its height and vastness. Girnar Ropeway makes it accessible and approachable. It is an architectural wonder in all aspects.

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