Girnar Ropeway: From Challenges to its Successful Execution

Behind every large construction project, there is a lot of hard work, determination, excellence, expertise and many other factors. However, some projects are exceedingly difficult and present innumerable challenges in front of the executors, coordinators, engineers, planners, and all others involved. This is because there also are geographical or location related problems in them. Such projects require extraordinary expertise and unprecedented commitment.

One such project, which has been recently launched, is Girnar Ropeway. This ropeway is a classical demonstration of high level of engineering and is one of its kinds in India. Looking at the size and spread of Mount Girnar, you can easily estimate how difficult the job to construct a ropeway in this area would be!

The successful execution of Girnar Ropeway has come after facing many challenges, combating with various tough situations and crossing over numerous such obstacles which appeared almost impossible.

You might have heard or read that the Girnar Ropeway has become operational since November 2020. Naturally may have developed the urge to ride in it which is the pride of India today, but at the same time, you must also know about the challenges that obstructed the successful completion of Girnar ropeway for many years.

  • The vastness of the mountain Girnar was already a ‘monster’ in front of the developers and engineers. They had to prepare an extraordinarily elaborate plan for the ropeway construction.
  • This mountain possesses one of the toughest terrains. There were no roads to the top terminal and therefore, it was extremely difficult and challenging to carry the material like the heavy equipment, construction items, or to move them, was just not easy.
  • Arranging logistics at top terminal for engineers and labours was a tough task.
  • It took many weeks to build a separate ropeway just for sake of carrying the material. In addition, alternate mode of transportation was needed for the material movement which was done by way of helicopters.
  • Even, helicopter was used for the first time in India for installation of ropeway component and transport construction material at hilltop which was very challenging due to terrain and high winds.
  • Looking at the size of the mountain, the length of the ropeway is 2.3 kilometres. For this multiple towers of different heights were essential. To fulfil this, nine towers of varying heights have been built and the ropeway runs between them. One fo the towers is 67 meters high (almost 22 storey building).
  • In the previous year, seasonal barriers kept the work held up for many months. As a result, the developers and engineers had extra pressure to complete the task this year and got shorter span of time.
  • Girnar Ropeway was already budgeted for an exorbitant capital. But the delay in project execution and completion would mean even more fund allocation. By the time it got completed, around 130 crores were invested already.

Despite all these challenges, – the hard work and dedication of the developers, engineers and the labourers has won. The Girnar ropeway is operational today and it is fulfilling the dreams of many people.


Mount Girnar holds enormous religious significance because various Hindu and Jain shrines situate here. But because of the tough location of these temples, many devotees could not visit the holy places. Gladly, the construction of an amazing ropeway named Girnar Ropeway has completed despite many hurdles. So the devotees can now visit their deities wholeheartedly.

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