Girnar Parikrama - Junagadh

Girnar Parikrama - Junagadh

Girnar Parikrama - Junagadh

The Girnar

Girnar, also known as Girinagar or Revatak Parvata, is a group of mountains in the Junagadh District of Gujarat, India. It is one of the highest peaks in Gujarat.  The Mount Girnar has 866 Hindus and Jain temples around its five peaks. The place is considered older than the Himalayas and one of the most sacred places for both Hindus and Jains.  The Girnar is considered to be the holy site even at the time of Mahabharta. It is believed that people choose Girnar to attain “Moksha”. Girnar is one of the five major ‘tirthas’ attributed to the ‘panch kalyanakas’ of various ‘Jain tirthankaras’. Girnar is also significant among Shiva devotees for the so-called “mystic space-time” of the mountain range, with the presence and turnover of different sects of Sadhu Babas, Nath sect and others. Flora and fauna fairs are also held in the mountains, such as the Maha Shivratri fair. Different Jain Tirthankaras and monks have in the past visited and practiced severe penance at the peaks of Girnar. It hosts several temples and some historical spots across its range. Amidst the lush green Gir Forest, the mountain range serves as the hub of religious activity.

Girnar Parikrama

Every year, on the occasion of Dev Diwali or Kartik sud, a special yatra takes place around Girnar known as Girnar Parikrama or Pradakshina. Thousands of people from Gujarat & other states take part in the Girnar Parvat Yatra. Apart from a religious point of view, the parikrama is equally important from a social point of view because people of different castes and communities come together on this occasion. The parikrama starts from DUDHESHWAR TEMPLE at BHAVNATH TALETI. Then people pass through the dense forest via the INTWA NI GHODI [ghodi is like pass in mountains – a shape in which one has to first climb the elevation and then climb down the elevation].

After they pass this ghodi, they reach ZINA BAVA NI MADHI located very near to the largest dam of JUNAGADH district-HASNAPUR DAM. Pilgrims do a night halt here. A very beautiful temple named CHANDRA-MAULESHWAR is situated here. The probability of lions sighting here is maximum. This place is also known as RANIYO KUVO. Then there are two options for the pilgrims from Zina Bava Ni Madhi. The first option is to directly reach MALVELA and the other option is to reach Malvela via SARKHADIYA HANUMAN. ‘Sarkhadiya Hanumaan’ is the best Hanumaan temple in Junagadh. It is located amidst dense forest. Lion roars are almost common at this place. Chances of being confronted by deers are also maximum. Pilgrims can also visit Suraj-Kund from Sarkhadiya Hanuman. Pilgrims reach MALVELA from either of the above-mentioned routes. After visiting all the above places now the pilgrims have to climb down the steep elevation of NALPANI ghodi. After the devotees climb it down, they reach Bordevi. Bordevi is a temple of GODDESS surrounded by Mango trees on three sides of the temple. It is 10 Km away from Bhavnath Taleti. It is the last spot of the Girnar Parikrama.

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