About Us

Who We Are

We believe before one takes a step outside into the paths unknown, one must truly understand where he belongs. Travel makes one modest, making you realize what tiny place you occupy in the world. We will help you explore the closed self within you and make you realize that what lies beyond the comfort, is always going to be beautiful. Come out and find the great outdoors and offbeat experiences with us. We want you to feel the adventure, get amazed and transform yourselves as you come along. We assure you that wherever you are with us, it won’t be boring.

Come to us and bring out your desires, we will help you bring it to reality. We customize journeys and organize small-group trips for like-minded travelers. Our journeys feature adventurous locations and offbeat destinations with the spice of personal interactions with local communities, cultures, arts, music and food. But what makes our trip even more memorable are the friends you will earn during the journey. Explore the unfamiliar and the joy of sharing stories and moments of self discovery with your crew.